Mission Statement

To preserve, protect, and enhance all waters of Langlade Co., including its lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, and groundwater through undertaking of various activities, including advocating and facilitating communications through the sharing of information between individuals, environmental organizations and state and local – state government bodies, and involvement in various educational and special projects aimed at good stewardship and wise use of our waters and their natural wildlife habitats and fisheries, both for us and future generations.

Our Purpose

It is the purpose of the Friends of the Wolf River to gather and make available as much scientific and archival information on the Wolf River as possible. It is our intent to place this information, along with interactive maps, and helpful links on this website to allow everyone easy access to this information. We strive to increase awareness through education about the seriousness of the issues relating to both surface water and groundwater quality within the Wolf River basin. Now is the time to become aware of these issues and not wait until the river is endangered. We can learn from other rivers in Wisconsin what can happen to our water resources if we do not used management practices based on science which is just now becoming available. New science is becoming available at a faster and faster rate, and I will do my best to keep this site up to date with the latest research as it becomes available. This is a large undertaking so I welcome additional information and photos. The mission of this website is to restore and maintain a healthy flow of the river while taking into consideration not only recreational needs, but also the needs of the agricultural industry. The mission is to manage both the groundwater and surface water resources with good science, education and conservation. We hope to improve the health and flow levels of the Wolf River and to promote wise management practices of the water, land, and groundwater resources within the Wolf River basin. My husband and I are both life long residents of Wisconsin, and we both enjoy the North-woods. Before the start of this organization we purchased a home along the shore of the Wolf River. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources owns much of the land on both sides of the river which is why the river has maintained it’s natural appearance. The river is a habitat for a variety of wild animals including deer and black bear. The river in Langlade county is both a recreational area for tubers and kayakers due to it’s steep gradient in this area, it is also a destination for trout fisherman. Our hope is to maintain this resource for all it’s users

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