Mountain Biking

The Wolf River area has a nice mix of trails for riders of all abilities.

Nicolet Roché Mountain Bike Trails

The Original!

If you have never ridden the Nicolet Roche Trails, you are missing out!  These trails are some of the original mountain bike trails built in and around the Langlade County area.  Originally started as trails utilized for an off-road triathlon, the Wolfman Triathlon, have evolved into a network of beautiful single-track trails winding through the woods and large boulders of the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest.  These trails will not disappoint and will appeal to riders of a wide range of skill levels.

LAMBA_Nicolet_Roche tri fold2

Wolf River trail

The Wolf River Trails are Langlade’s best kept secret!  These trails are used primarily during the Wolfman Triathlon, are now open for all to ride thanks to the wonderful property owners these trails reside on.  If you are looking for a technical ride, these trails are your ticket.  Featuring tight corners, several rock and root rideovers, along with some challenging climbs will definately take your breath away.  These trails can be accessed from the Nicolet Roche Trails or from the Bear Paw Adventure Resort south of Langlade on Hwy 55.  Due to the trails being on private property, please watch for seasonal closures and respectful of their requests.


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